Senda Player is a limited-liability company devoted to producing premium, text-based, multiple-choice video games. We produce video games in home, starting with Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides. We have actually likewise established a basic scripting language for composing text-based video games, ChoiceScript, which we offer to others for use in their tasks, and we host video games produced by other designers utilizing ChoiceScript on our site. A few of our video games are readily available totally free on the internet. We likewise produce mobile variations of our video games that can be used iPhones, Android phones, and other mobile phones.


Senda Player believe that text-based video games are an underutilized format within modern-day video game. Simply as movie, radio dramas, and tv supplement books without rendering them outdated, likewise modern-day graphic-based video games cover just part of the computer system video gaming landscape. Using text, we can communicate with the creativity in various methods from a graphics-based video game. We can likewise permit video game designers to rapidly and cheaply produce video games in contrast with graphics-based video games